[AI] JAWS with notepad

Raju Singhq bidhwin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 01:47:46 EDT 2010

Hello jyotsna!

I think, your V G A driver is not completely installed. reinstalling your driver might  fix this problem. to install this, if you have your mother board driver, please insert that CD now. press Shift few second to bypass the autorun feature. then, on the desktop, select My computer, but don't press enter. instead, press application key to open short cut menu. from there, by pressing up/down arrow, go to manage, and finally devise manager. and press tab to open. now, depending on your mother board, look for the V G A driver. it should say some thing "NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a" if you have sampron mother board driver. other wise, in pentium3 or 4, it say some thing, "VGA compartible driver" any ways, if you find this in an open state, that meanse, you have not updated this driver yet. so update now by pressing application key, and then fine update driver..., and follow the remaining stape. and finally restart your computer to work fully.

I think, I have given your answer. other wise any problem persists, let me no.

thank you!

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