[AI] Pls Advise - Case of Shalini Sethi from Delhi

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 13:25:58 EDT 2010

Dear friends, I fully agree with Akhil that it is not only Shalini's problem, but it can happen to anyone of us at any time in any form! so this matter can not be ignored or avoided by simply  remaining silent over it! 
      firstly, I would advise Shalini to collect some documentary proof of her efficiency as a bank employee. It can be in any form--may be some letters of gratitude or recommendations from some of her regular clients in bank, because maybe her opponents have some documents [Although false] against her.
     As suggested by Subramani and Akhil, it can be very effective to publicize the injustice done in Shalini's  case including the callousness on the part of Commissioner for Disabilities. Contacting some TV news channels and appearing in interviews through them would definitely help a lot.
          Giving written representations to local politicians can definitely help, since the M L A.s or M.P.s can definitely give the culprits a nice doze of jolts and force them to behave themselves.
       Lastly, resorting to court for justice also can not be ruled out. Since Vaishnavi has presented full documentary details of the case, I would request our friends from the Legal Fraternity also to give their valuable comments and suggestions, regardless of whichever part of the country they are from.
              Yogesh Sharma.

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