[AI] IBM has asked its employees to use open-source Firefox astheir browser

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And, they must be encouraged to use the open source
softwhere for the operating system too.

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> Dear friends it is good initiative, we also need to think of using Open 
> Source software's like NVDA, Obi,  AMIS OPEN Office and etc  instead of 
> some expensive screen reading software's.
> News - Tech - The Times of India
> IBM has asked its employees to use open-source Firefox as their browser
> SAN FRANCISCO: Technology giant IBM wants its workers around the world to 
> use free, open-source Mozilla Firefox as their window into the Internet.
> "Any employee who is not now using Firefox will be strongly encouraged to 
> use it as their default browser," IBM executive Bob Sutor said yesterday 
> in a blog post at his sutor.com website.
> "While other browsers have come and gone, Firefox is now the gold standard 
> for what an open, secure, and standards-compliant browser should be."
> Making Firefox the default browser means that workers' computers will 
> automatically use that software to access the Internet unless commanded to 
> do differently.
> All new computers for IBM employees will have Firefox installed and the 
> global company "will continue to strongly encourage our vendors who have 
> browser-based software to fully support Firefox," according to Sutor.
> New York State-based IBM, known by the nickname "Big Blue," has a 
> corporate history dating back a century and now reportedly has nearly 
> 400,000 workers.
> "Today we already have thousands of employees using it on Linux, Mac, and 
> Windows laptops and desktops, but we're going to be adding thousands more 
> users to the rolls," Sutor said.
> Sutor is the vice president of open source and Linux at IBM, which 
> launched an Open Source Initiative in 1998.
> Open-source software is essentially treated as public property, with 
> improvements made by any shared with all. Firefox is the second most 
> popular Web browser in an increasingly competitive market dominated by 
> Internet Explorer software by Microsoft.
> Google Chrome has been steadily gaining market share, last week replacing 
> Apple Safari as the third most popular Web browser in the United States.
> "We'll continue to see this or that browser be faster or introduce new 
> features, but then another will come along and be better still, including 
> Firefox," Sutor said.
> "I think it was Firefox and its growth that reinvigorated the browser 
> market as well as the web. That is, Firefox forced competitors to 
> respond."
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