[AI] Pls Advise - Case of Shalini Sethi from Delhi

SC Vashishth subhashvashishth at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 05:53:15 EDT 2010

Akhilesh, if you remember, Shalini did petition the president but it
yielded nothing. It was forwarded to Min. of Social Justice who
further forwarded it to CCPD for action and after long delays, by the
time it reached CCPD, the CCPD had already given its decision in the
matter - of course not supporting the petitioner.

The current status is- the matter has already been filed in the Delhi
High Court and the next date of hearing is 14th August 2010. It would
be of interest & knowledge for the accessindians to watch out for the
updates on proceedings.

Meanwhile since I visited Ms. Shalini yesterday evening, I realised a
job is what she urgently needs besides the help on the case. I would
request you to suggest if there is a suitable job for her in New
Delhi. She is B Com and trained on computers, has fluency in English
and has worked for a year in IDBI and her responsibilities included
the work of Cashier, cheque clearing, demat (job related to share
transfers), taxes (both direct & indirect).

She has also worked as counselor and coordinator at Aptech computer
Education and Institute of Teacher Education. She has 48% ortho
disability and can walk and commute in public transport. She has been
educated in mainstream schools and college and even never got her
disability certificate untill very recently (before the IDBI job).

Any job leads are welcome. The case in the High Court will take its own time.


Subhash Chandra Vashishth
Advocate-Disability Rights
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