[AI] Hello from an "old but new" member

Bhuumika Bhagchandani bhoomika.bhagchandani at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 13:21:29 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,
I have been around on this mailing list since quite a long time but had always been a silent reader. Never really gave a proper formal introduction mainly because I realized that I have much more to learn from all of you than to share:)
Anyway, I somehow feel that this is the right time that I introduce myself to all of you here.
Well my name is Bhoomika. I am from Lucknow. I have pursued my graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication and then got a chance to work with Eyeway for about an year. I like music, writing, dancing and ofcourse making new friends.. And I have RP.
Presently, I am preparing for GRE and TOEFL exam as i wish to go abroad for higher studies. 
Looking forward to know more and having a great time interacting with all of you.
Warm regards,

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