[AI] Report on Voice Vision's 26/06/2010 meeting

Sameer salatey at gawab.com
Thu Jul 1 04:34:12 EDT 2010

The 26th June 2010 session topic was Soft skills (Individual & social), and 
it was conducted by Mr. K. Ramkrishna, Acting Honorary Secretary-general, 
The National Association for the Blind, India.

It was a very informative session for both the visually impaired individuals 
as well as the sighted, where Mr. Ramkrishna, Acting Honorary 
Secretary-general, The National Association for the Blind, India, spoke of 
the importance of the development of personal & social skills for any 

He started off by focusing on personal skills, where he highlighted on the 
importance of enhancing language skills, learning Braille, being self 
dependent but not stretching it too far, brushing up on personal etiquettes, 
maintaining personal hygiene, learn cooking, helping out with household 
chores, etc. He also stressed upon how important a role the family members 
especially the parent's play in instilling these skills in their visually 
impaired children.

Then he went onto the social skills, where he spoke of the importance of 
having the right dress code whether at a party, social gathering, temple, or 
official meeting. He also spoke of the proper ways of eating and adapting 
the right table manners, For example, when at a party eat only stuff which 
one would be comfortable eating with a spoon, or ask for roti's instead, ask 
for ice-cream in a bowl instead of a plate, not create a mess & avoid making 
sounds while eating, etc. He said one should enhance his / her listening 
skills and maintain the concentration on the topic being discussed and not 
let the mind wander away. While opening a conversation with strangers, Mr. 
Ramkrishna says that one should avoid speaking on 3 topics, politics, sex, 
and religion, as these are very sensitive issues. He also stated that one 
should maintain the right body posture. One should not slouch while sitting 
or standing and always try to look at the person speaking when in the middle 
of a conversation.

We thank Mr. Ramkrishna for taking out time of his busy schedule and 
offering these very important tips to all of us with regards to how one 
should carry him/herself when out in public.


Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India 

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