[AI] AccessIndia Digest, Vol 50, Issue 192

saravanan.ramadoss1 saravanan.ramadoss1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 20:47:47 EDT 2010

Hello Friends,
 Please clarify this doubt.
How to make JAWS to read file type?
I recently formatted my computer.  Before formatting, when I place the "PC"
curser,  JAWS  read  file name & its type "txt or doc or mp3).
But after formatting,  it is not reading such things. only  it tells  the
file name.  Even I checked in rename option,  by pressing (f2) JAWS  tellls
name  only. after that  it  tells "blank."
Please  could you  give me the  steps to correct this problem?
 Eagerly waiting for your reply.
Please feel free to pass  your comments, feedbacks & new ideas to  the below
menntioned contact details.
saravanan.ramadoss1 at gmail.com
saravanan_2008 at hotmail.com
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