[AI] Problem in Audio recording using gold wave

chetan sharma chetansharma at obc.co.in
Wed Jun 30 02:58:06 EDT 2010

Hello Access Indians!

For last few days, I have been trying to do some audio recordings using Gold
wave, but every time, when I listen to the recorded files, the sound is not
that good. During playback of recorded files, it seems as if somebody has
placed a paper on the speakers! I tried to fix this issue by increasing and
decreasing the distance of microphone from my mouth, changing the number of
channels, reducing and raising the sampling rate and applying various
presets and changing the microphone, but so far, I'm not fortunate enough to
have better results!  
Any remedies please!?

Best regards,       

chetan sharma
Assistant Regional Manager
Regional Office
Oriental Bank of commerce
Anand Bhawan
Sansar Chandra Road
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Phone: 91-141-2314662
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