[AI] Quarries about writer in Bank exams

gautam gtm.agrawal at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 06:14:51 EDT 2010

Hello friends, 


Would anyone respond my quarries pertaining to the provision of writer for
v.i. Examinees in bank exams which include following 


1.            If the writer is provided by bank? Or the examinee has to
arrange his/ her own. 


2.         What are the eligibility conditions for writer? 


3.         If these rules equally apply in all bank exams or vary from bank
to bank?


 4.        If the rules may vary from state to state even in same bank? 


 5.        Some one has told me that one of the conditions is that the marks
of the writer in last passed exam should be less than 60 p.c. Is this true? 


6.                  Does this condition not cause inconvenience to get a
suitable writer?


Thanks in advance. 



With due regard,


 Gautam agarwal.


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