[AI] Query about agreements between publishing companies and private users

L I larkascending at hotmail.de
Mon Jun 28 10:25:17 EDT 2010

Dear AI-members,
At the website
I made a query and I would love to see you participating. 
The content of the query is given below. You can also forward the text to other mailing lists or persons you know and who might take interest in it, too.
Thank you for your attention,
Best wishes,
Lilya I
Beside the possibility to get accessible books from institutions like libraries and schools for the blind some publishing companies are offering the option
to provide blind or partially sighted students with electronic books as long an agreement between the concerned company and private user is being signed
up. I would like to know what experiences you made with these publishing companies, what basic conditions you had to accept and fulfil and which documents
were required from you. If you don’t want to make the company’s names public you can write to me in a message or just give a general report here. The results
of the query will be used for a paper about accessible books for blind and partially sighted students and researchers.
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