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Here is the concerned circular and attachment has been sent to all desired 
persons and groups for the benefit of all disabled employees.

Posting of physically handicapped candidates









-- -- --- ~

No. AB 14017/16/2002-Estt.(RR)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training

New Delhi, the 13thMarch, 2002

Office Memorandum

Posting of physically handicapped candidates.

Reference this Department's a.M. No.AB-14017/41/41/90-Estt

(RR) dated 10.5.1990 (copy enclosed) on the above subject.

2. It is clarified that the guideline contained in para 2 of this.

Department's a.tv1. dated 10.5.1990 that requests from physically

h,mdicapped employees for transfer to or near their native places may

also be given preference, covers physically handicapped employees in

Groups A, B, C and D.





Suitable instructions may also be issued to all subordinate offices

Hindi version wiI! follow.

~i '- --c: .

(Alok Saxena)

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India


All Ministries/Depmiments of the Government of India


Copy to:

I. The President's Secretariat, New. Delhi.

The Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi.

The Cabinet Secretariat, Ne\v Delhi.

The Rajya Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India, New Delhi.

The Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi.

The Staff Selection Commission, New Delhi.
















All At1ached Offices under the Ministry of Personnel,

Public Grievances and Pensions.

Establishment Officer and Secretary, ACe (lOcopies).

All Ofticers and Sections in the Department of Personnel

necessaryaction .

Secretary, St~ff Side, National Council (JCM), I3-C,

Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi

All StatTMembers of National Council OCM)

All Staff Nlembers of the Departmental Council (Jcrv1),

IVlinisrryof Personnel, PG and Pensions

Establishment (RR Division) (200 copies)


.. -.' '-""j L-.. -. .. - -- 

( S.JJKumar)

{JnderSecretary to the Government of India


il" . .

. ,

NO. A~B 1~17/41/90-Estt( RR)

Govnmment of :India

Ministryof perscrmel PUblic GrieVaJ1CeS CI1d pensicns.

Deptt. of Persa1.n.e.l &. Training

new Delhi the 1° Hay, 1990

OE'FlCE J,lE:,'IOR~-.:~:.N..

. Su bl~ ct ; - E..<25.9-}1S.1.0.~ P.1'lysJ 
_~d}J_Y -~.q:l.dj.qf:W.f~.d- -<;'~~i._4.c,t~.

The undersi9iE:d is direct.ed to say that a sUgJestion has

been made that physicall y handicapped candidates appointe:l

under too Government should preferably be'posted in theirneti";E

places or at least in their native district,. Too matter has

been examined carefully. It may nd: be possibleor desirable

to lay dcwn th(Jt physically h~dicapped empJ,oyees beloog:i.ng to

Group-Aor Group-B \'lho'hawall India tril.'1sfer liability should

be posted near the.ir native places. However, 1n the Case of

holders of Group-C Qr Group-D posts who have 1:een recrUited en

regiooal basis and \iho are physically handicapped, such persms

may be given posting, as far .aspos.sible, subject to'administr:tiv::,.

CQ1straints, near their native places,..rithin 'tre region.

2. RequEsts from l)h~:{sical).y handicappedemployees fortraI1s~r

to or near thp.ir native places may also be given prei-erence.


3. SUitable ii15t:r'11cti::ns may also be iSsued to all 'subordlr.2.te 't'-

Joint Secretaryto the

-~~ -. .

(.T. S~+')t~ ~/"- .

GoV'nClll"~~ .-- -

I bf .Ih


! a

. j To

All t'1:in istries IDep ar b:1€1")1s;.



, .

~qy QO~tto 14017/41/90-~O~~fO~{Og

. ~ «1 r-t~CjjTr

qiT~$ ~ Ptlq;' f"'f~T<fi . ~~I ~~ ,Ji:~Ti1~ '

. '6 .. -..t ~~.,..,..G- '-r P- IT "

'. Q::j;rr~f:F JII " \1.1 '~:41-1 ' '~,l1c


'~r.'; r":Lr--:::J'4- r"'-.:--::r-r'::::-


n"'; j 0t"'\ O "I~ G. (",'\ I, C<-II q> \-.' '1"<. ."/"

;~1jT;C~q ~-f-rq---::'{

Fq~: - nri")'P;[C? ~-~"~1fc.i::;;~1t'lc~.f"~;qi' C{t \~~-fI I

1~ lf~ qi~ en: F--:~i-1~3tr ~ fu ~ff ;j;iTa. ~r,T 11lff ~

Fcii Hf4ir{ $ ~W1 F~~9 rrrttf~' ~ R ra:fiC1IJl~rn~ ~

~ 1f1 f ~cm:t "BIT"4~ ~{1"7NTR.<:IT if;7:}Fi c1iii' \J~ 3f\ ~ Jr

F4~ .qiT~ ~t t!T~:::1'~oT~(1 vrr~ "itTr~~ I ~ i:tTrt~tf~

~qr~$ fuilTr fq;tTr TfQT~ I ~ ~p:~ LTTCfrtJ;fTli 3i1' ~trrr

, ~m-fTFi[qi ~ ~ Fqq~r~~ :1'1~-<$ JTl1CITR:if5-T.i c};~. c6'rf-tfrFr~~ .

<tt .Fvi~'t ~qr~ .aFtTi ~ {(11<.1~~~,1 ~t1T~Tf~q cfr' ~ \3~ .

.~~ IT.":! ~r T'r'<:7 .'.). ~=';r~:.:rr-:::I '""


-='""'- :-:n-rr I -::T "TPn- ~"~"I .'1I-;:.n-'"

VI'1" ~'I ",CII;'" ~., I ~~~) \i-II \ I l{><.jI "'II"'" \'I~~ I '1 t::'I~ 
1"-1 VII <--it 't.. -

q"{. ~l f'~Q ;1(e~:l~T{ 0r~i~-El ~ cF:~F::<'it q;T vrf mttF~

~.q- "fi rCfrVilJl ~ ~qr::P:~iQ g-'nTRf~ g-r\1t1r$ ~ Ji~ ~ ?y;j ~

~m~ \J-T~ '1. ,1 f;;fc;r:-r T!1T"4 C(t F"::izrCf~r:f.~~ vTj ~~T ~ I ~ >J'

2 . nr ~'1"1\:'-P ~tr :1 FLf.;i~r!iT-c:.:q(Ff~f.r1, TfT *~ 1~ f:1Cfn1

~7.={ ?( ortfCIT \J:"f<lt f;:f~G ~tfi"I\1 rrrr f'q,Q . :jfj-~ $ 

.qr4~q~{;<;lT G:'1 ~!fT:;:fT:;-rr~ I

3 . ,1ft '3f't-j1"~.1Q"~q.f ~T '-ft' \jf"q\i f::~'n ~ it q;~ r4"q ~nt I

HCIT r.r,


-<:','I -;-", '"1\tuf~


~~... :;-tr:qq, ~.«1 ~~Tf


TI~ ~~ml.Vfcr~TJ I

- -.---

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Subject: [AI] Ruling for posting near home

> Hello Friends
> Any one has the ruling of government of India or the court decision that
> persons with disabilities will be given posting of work place with in 7 KM
> or so near their place of residence?
> If yes, then please inform on the list and send it to my mail ID.
> Thanks
> Dipendra
> Voice your thoughts in the blog to discuss the Rights of persons with 
> disability bill at:
> http://www.accessindia.org.in/harish/blog.htm
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