[AI] Reservation benefits for milder disability

Ankit Jindal ankitjindal85 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 15:42:20 EDT 2010

Hi Friends, 


Need your expert advice and opinions on the following point:


There are a host of people who may have a disability which is say less than
40% and as per the law, they are not eligible for the reservations in the
government jobs and educational instate.   Now, some of them are able to get
a medical certificate which is either equal to 40% OR MORE AND ARE ABLE TO
ENJOY RESERVATION BENEFIT.  In the process, many candidates with more severe
disability miss out as they are not able to compete with them. 


In such a scenario, what should be the appropriate action if a person is
found guilty especially in the case of milder disability which is less than
40%  but has got a certificate of say more than 40% for to secure a job. 


Should the seat allocated to them for the job or in education institute be


Are there any precedence to the same? 


Also, is the percentage model to determine the disability extent is feasible
or there are any alternative in different country. 


Here, I am not focusing on increasing the reservation percent as a solution
as this will remain as a problem in either 3% or 10%. 


Will look forward to your comment, opinion, reactions on the above. 


Warm regards

Ankit Jindal

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