[AI] My introduction

dinesh soni 1983dineshsoni at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 11:56:49 EDT 2010

Dear access Indians,
because of my new membership, I would like to put My introduction in
brief. hoping that you all are very fit and fine, I would like to
proceed. I am dinesh Soni from Takhatgare-Pali-Rajasthan. I am 27
years old, working on the post of Hindi lecturer in my hometown. I am
interested in reading, music, netsurfing and making new friends. I am
feeling very cool, energetic, complete satisfaction to join this
group. I will be happy if I will have opportunity to do something for
this E family.
with best regards to all,      Dinesh Soni.
Skype ID: dksoni89

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