[AI] Buddy is here

Dipendra Manocha dipendra.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 10:34:18 EDT 2010

Hello Friends

The first hundred pieces of Buddy are here. 

The cost of the buddy player after tax is Rs. 4500. Key features include
very small size, full and proper DAISY book navigation features, many
special features for music listening including various equaliser presets and
really good output of music on headphones and amplifiers. Voice note
recording and long recording mode. Very good quality of recordings. Three
different modes of recording qualities. Internal microphone is good for
close voice recordings where as external microphones can be attached for
high quality recordings. It has jacks for line-in, microphone and
headphones. Changing from USB from computer and also from mains electrisity.
The internal speaker is little week thus is usable only in quite rooms.
There will be an option of taking extre speaker woth 350 which would not
require any additional power and will give loud voice for listening.
Earphones are provided with the unit. 

Buddy has FM radio with auto tune channels etc. 

The unit currently doesn't have TTS thus you will not be able to read text
files directly on the unit but you can always convert text files to audio
files before transfering them to the Buddy. 

Buddy will support SD Card. It has been tested with 16 GB card although
documentation says it would support 32 GB card. 

It has wide colour screen and content of table of contents of DAISY books
are shown on the screen. Future upgrades to firmware will support full
display of text on the screen. 

Battery back up is of 15 hours on full charge and charging takes about 2 to
3 hours. 

People who are interested to participate in the first lot users will get the
player at the cost of 4300 instead of 4500. Units are replacable if any
faults are found int eh players. 

This is one of the true Indian development and one of the first product of
its kind developed in India itself. Thus be a part of this development and
contribute to make this product the best in the world. Being Indian product,
it has the potential of catering to our needs and put our needs at top
priority. For example, customisation to Indian languages is something which
will be done as soon as English version has been accepted by the users.

The development team is all set to provide support even to specific books
that might be having problems in playing properly on this player. 

Thus, this is the right time to point out if you need any special features
or if you feel any improvements are required in any of its features.

Interested persons may get in touch with info at saksham.org to get this fully
accessible DAISY book player and digital recorder.


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