[AI] Inviting all to my Google SMS channel

sinoj vr sinoj567 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 04:18:23 EDT 2010

Hello friends,
  I'm Sinoj from Kerala.  Now, I'm telling about Google SMS channels.
It is a free service from Google. Anyone can subscribe & create
channels from Indian mobile numbers for free. You dont pay any charges
like monthly rentals.  You pay only for your subscription message as
per your SMS plan.
  I have created 3 channels in Google & I'm inviting all my
accessindian friends to it.  Read below & subscribe to it as your
  My first channel is TechnoLive provides Computer tips, Internet
tips, Downloading links, Mobile tips, Mobile offers, Software tips,
Software updates, Technology news, Business news & more about
I send also blind friendly tips in technology sector.
To subscribe it send <ON TechnoLive> to 9870807070 or go to
labs.google.co.in/smschannels/subscribe/technolive & sign with your Gmail ID.
  My next channel is MLiveCricket.  It provides All about cricket
updates, scoreboards & cricket news.
Send <ON MLiveCricket> to 9870807070 or go to
  Next channel is MLiveKerala provides Keralanews, targeting only for
Kerala subscriberrs.
Send <ON MLiveKerala> to 9870807070 or
  Friends, I invite again to subscribe to my channels.  Please tell
your friends about these channels & add them.  for more details send
mail mobilelive.india at gmail.com

           Thank you


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