[AI] Some data lost in the blog

harish harish at accessindia.org.in
Wed Jun 23 14:10:58 EDT 2010

Dear All

There was partial loss of data in the blog on PWD.

The database went missing. No idea about the cause of it. I shall be  taking it up with the service provider.

Thankfully, I had taken a backup of the data a few days back. I have now restored the database from the backup.

Those who had contributed recently, please check up your postings. I am afraid, postings from Akilesh, Amiyo and Subramani got lost for sure.

I shall take backup now in greater frequency.

I understand the next meeting of the drafting committee, is scheduled for mid of July. We will have to consolidate it by then. So, folks, we need to have your inputs by then.
There is a good deal for us to do. Regrettably, the number of contributors are few. I really don't know the reason why we are shying ourselves from it. I don't know if the word blog is overwhelming some and giving an idea it is difficult to handle.
May I assure, it is deliberately kept simple and accessible to use.At least, please go through the postings already made, this will give you a fair idea on the postings already made here.

This I am sure would motivate many to give their opinion on the postings made.
Harish Kotian

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