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Hi Mahesh,

1.  If you are looking to name a CD, I guess you are looking to give it a
name so that when you insert the CD into the drive, the name given will
appear instead of CD drive, say CD RW drive (H:).

If it is so, then

1.  Open the CD drive when the disc is inserted.
2.  Tab thrice to land on "write these files".  Then press enter or space
3.  Then you will be presented with a dialog box where there will be an
option to give a name to the CD.  

2.  To store data on a erased disc, it should be a re-writable  disc.
If the disc you have is re-writable, then write data on it as you do in case
of a normal disc.

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Dear Access Indians
Here I have few doubts related to CD
1. How to give a Name  one new Cd?
2.Recently I have Erazed the data  frecorded on one SONY R/W CD completely
3. Here My doubt is
Can we use the same C D  for data storage again
Kindly clarify my doubts please
              Thank you

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