[AI] Regarding braille presses and spelling mistakes.

K. Nageswaraiah nageswara1982 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 10:31:09 EDT 2010

There're so many blind schools and braille presses but the habit of reading braille is declining.  Besides, the braille presses are not prompt in their dealings with the few braille readers.  Not to speak of textbooks and books of general interest, they're not even in a position to provide magazines in time.
Regarding spelling and grammar errors, extensive reading and writing and keen observation of phonetics and exceptions will make a difference.  When I was in school, I found that many students did not pay adequate attention to spellings after learning braille contractions.
Some of the braille presses catering to the needs of the blind people of Andhra Pradesh are: APVCC Braille Press, Hyderabad, Devnar Braille Press, Hyderabad and RDT Braille Press, Ananthapur.

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