[AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request

Sandeep Singh sandeepsingh477 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 08:35:32 EDT 2010

Moreover, sometimes the actual meaning of the 
message is lost. If you can make out the real 
meaning, fine, otherwise the whole effort of the 
writer is wasted. True, it's not a platform for 
improving the language skills but inculcating 
good habits, writing or otherwise, is no sin either.

At 04:45 PM 22-06-10, you wrote:
>Appologies if I had sounded snobbish. But do not 
>forget that such things may be said to folks 
>like us in Access India, but young members of 
>this list need good writing skills to convince a 
>prospective employer (in any language, not 
>necessarily in English, if that is asked as a 
>prerequisite). I keep reading worst writings (as 
>a journalist) and so reading some more in this 
>list or anywhere else couldn't disappoint me any 
>more. But you cannot deny that a well-expressed 
>idea, weather in BBC or in Access India or 
>anywhere else touches you and there is no harm 
>for people to learn it. I still feel a neatly 
>written message project a person in a positive 
>light and I say this not out of snobbishness, 
>but out of desire to see others improve and 
>enjoy the benefits of it. As a writer, I cannot 
>consider writing as a petty issue too.
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>Really a petty issue over spellings.
>It certainly makes us snobbish to be lured to be 
>looking about spelling mistakes & comparing it 
>with party wear or disheveled appearances.  This 
>is not a grammar class or schooling where we are 
>meeting.  It’s an amalgam of ideas we are 
>sharing & ideas get prominent here.  We also 
>know poorly written language can never be a 
>barrier to grasping the essence of an 
>idea.  Only we have to a bit stretch ourselves 
>to understand.  Short messages, shortened words 
>are the need of the time today for less traffic, 
>less time, etc.  This is not a place to show or 
>unshow ones skills in writing-it’s simple 
>business of give & take; take the fruit & throw 
>the chaff.  Lotus always grows in mire, let’s 
>value the gold not the rust.  As far improving 
>spellings, Braille is just one & perhaps rather 
>older amongst many as on date like computers, views, news, conversation, etc.
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