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tahir ahmed tahir.ahmed44 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 04:42:44 EDT 2010

asalamo alaikum everyone. someone asked that does anyone use tuch
screen mobile with talks. i would like to share my experience with you
Today I went to a short information technology corse at south
Australian school for visually  impaired.
The first thing which we had chanse to use it was a I phone from apple
There was a talks kind of thing in it, but it wasn’t a real talks
which we use in our mobile phones.
Still it was good to use. What we had to do that we had to move our
finger around screen. bleve on me it was reading every thing what ever
came on the display.
Now I will tell you that what it does. If you move your finger around
screen, it will tell you that now on which menu   your finger is
moveing and it won’t click on it. On every program it will say double
click to open that program. double click means that you will have to
keep your finger on same place and tuch it twice and it will open for
you. Once you get familiar with it, it’s very good to use.
After I phone we used I pad it is from appel technology as well.
What is I pad?
I Pad is a very small computer with tuch screen and y fi. You can get
I Pad with 16 GB hard drive and 32 GB Hard drive for different prices.
It had it’s own talks but with good voice.
The way to use it is similar to I phone which I already explain to you guies.
Hope it will help.
“love for all hatred for nun”

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