[AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request

Amar Jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 22:19:24 EDT 2010

Well said vasu bhaiya and of course prateek the hero!
Another thing which needs to be taken care is the subject line of your 
I have already posted a lengthy mail on this issue, so in breaf for most 
appropriate answers to your questions, appropriate subject is the first 
Now a days I see horrible subject lines.
Sorry from diverting to the subject.
Amar Jain.
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Subject: Re: [AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request

> Agreed.
> I too have observed a few mails with major errors in spellings.
> While we are using screen readers, we don’t usually read the word
> letter by letter, hence our focus does not go to the spelling of a
> word.
> Yes, I fully understand that many of you folks haven’t got chance of
> doing studies in English medium schools, and that’s not at all a
> problem, neither that is any criteria of judging your capabilities. In
> fact, a lot of you folks are scholars and experts in your respective
> areas, and I’m proud for that.
> Sometimes, incorrect spellings or grammar makes your e-mail
> ineffective to an extent that the intended recipient does not notice
> it that warmly, hence you remain destitute from the right answer which
> you would have got if the spellings were all correct.
> Moreover, the fact described by vasu bro about the appearance  of
> search results by  search queries  is also one of the major factors.
> Considering this, I request all the learned fellows without any
> preference of name that please try checking the spelling of the word
> you are writing here, it only takes a bit.
> In fact, a better approach is to write the e-mail in Microsoft word
> first, and run the spelling and grammar check.
> Of course, the spelling and grammar check is not the best solution and
> it won’t point all the mistakes,  neither the suggested things by it
> are all perfect, yet you can get an idea and decide what to correct.
> An other important thing that I’d like to suggest is to read whatever
> you have written with the help of your screen reader.
> Many times, your screen reader will pronounce a word in strange way if
> its spelling is not correct.
> This will let you know that there’s some problem with the spelling of
> that respective word, which you can correct then.
> I have been thinking to write spellings of some of the most commonly
> used words so the chances of collision can be reduced down.
> Based on your suggestions, I may start a series somewhere either here
> or on my website about the spellings of some very commonly used words.
> Response awaited.
> regards,
> Prateek agarwal.
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> Prateek_agarwal32
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> Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 20:12:54 +0530
> Subject: [AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request
> Dear all,
> Off late, there are several emails with lot of spelling and grammar
> mistakes. I do understand some of you may not got opportunity to study in
> English medium school and I'm one of them and that would be one of the
> possible reasons for spelling mistakes in emails and I don't mistake any 
> of
> you.
> At the same time, please understand that postings of Access India are
> archived and easily available for people to come across the content 
> through
> search engines and useful information posted by you would not come up in 
> the
> search engines unless your content matches to the spelling that a 
> researcher
> is looking for. So it would be a biggest disadvantage for us, if our 
> content
> do not have correct spellings and grammar.
> To make your postings better, may I please suggest a couple of things,
> although I am aware, this would be a little more additional effort:
> 1.       If you are using Microsoft Outlook / outlook express, be sure to 
> do
> a spell check by pressing F7 (not sure for outlook express)
> 2.       If you compose emails using webmail and use Mozilla Firefox, most
> often it notify you about spelling errors and by using the applications 
> key,
> you can access the suggestions and use the correct spelling.
> 3.       This suggestion would really be an additional effort, but you can
> try; if you are using webmail, may be, draft your email using Word 
> Processor
> and run the spell check, then copy the same and paste to your compose box 
> in
> web mail.
> Hope this would be of help to someone. No offense please.
> Best regards,
> Srinivasu Chakravarthula
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