[AI] Care for spellings in postings

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 15:03:29 EDT 2010

Dear Prateek, I am deeply touched by the humility of a learned person like you while drawing the attention of everybody towards a major drawback in postings to Access India. With all the due humility, I wish to add that along with spellings, punctuation also deserves all the due attention from us.
        Could you please clarify one thing, mostly on my system JAWS ignores the apostrophe sign while reading the mails. For example, instead of "don't," it reads "don t". Like most of us, I too keep the option regarding speaking of punctuation set to "most". I have noticed this thing especially in Outlook Express while reading the mails in the inbox. It never happens while reading word, HTML or PDF documents. I am using JAWS 10 with Windows XP Professional.
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