[AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request

Zujar Shabbir Kanchwala zujarbright at gmail.com
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The spell checker runs even when you select Rich Text or HTML as the format
for composing emails. For this, open Options dialog box in Microsoft Outlook
if you have configured (Tools < Options) and go to Mail Format tab using
CTRL+TAB. Select the desired option in the combo box labeled 'Compose in
this format' and activate the OK buttn. Also, you can check the 'Always
check spelling before sending' check box in Soekkubg tab if the Options
dialog box. This would run the spell checker automatically when you attempt
to send an email after composing.

In gmail, I have heard JAWS (don't remember if this happened in earlier
versions) 11 announce 'misspelt' for words with spelling errors in the
Message body and other edit fields.

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I too have observed a few mails with major errors in spellings.
While we are using screen readers, we don't usually read the word
letter by letter, hence our focus does not go to the spelling of a

Yes, I fully understand that many of you folks haven't got chance of
doing studies in English medium schools, and that's not at all a
problem, neither that is any criteria of judging your capabilities. In
fact, a lot of you folks are scholars and experts in your respective
areas, and I'm proud for that.
Sometimes, incorrect spellings or grammar makes your e-mail
ineffective to an extent that the intended recipient does not notice
it that warmly, hence you remain destitute from the right answer which
you would have got if the spellings were all correct.
Moreover, the fact described by vasu bro about the appearance  of
search results by  search queries  is also one of the major factors.
Considering this, I request all the learned fellows without any
preference of name that please try checking the spelling of the word
you are writing here, it only takes a bit.
In fact, a better approach is to write the e-mail in Microsoft word
first, and run the spelling and grammar check.
Of course, the spelling and grammar check is not the best solution and
it won't point all the mistakes,  neither the suggested things by it
are all perfect, yet you can get an idea and decide what to correct.
An other important thing that I'd like to suggest is to read whatever
you have written with the help of your screen reader.
Many times, your screen reader will pronounce a word in strange way if
its spelling is not correct.
This will let you know that there's some problem with the spelling of
that respective word, which you can correct then.

I have been thinking to write spellings of some of the most commonly
used words so the chances of collision can be reduced down.

Based on your suggestions, I may start a series somewhere either here
or on my website about the spellings of some very commonly used words.

Response awaited.

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Subject: [AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request
Dear all,

Off late, there are several emails with lot of spelling and grammar
mistakes. I do understand some of you may not got opportunity to study in
English medium school and I'm one of them and that would be one of the
possible reasons for spelling mistakes in emails and I don't mistake any of

At the same time, please understand that postings of Access India are
archived and easily available for people to come across the content through
search engines and useful information posted by you would not come up in the
search engines unless your content matches to the spelling that a researcher
is looking for. So it would be a biggest disadvantage for us, if our content
do not have correct spellings and grammar.

To make your postings better, may I please suggest a couple of things,
although I am aware, this would be a little more additional effort:

1.       If you are using Microsoft Outlook / outlook express, be sure to do
a spell check by pressing F7 (not sure for outlook express)

2.       If you compose emails using webmail and use Mozilla Firefox, most
often it notify you about spelling errors and by using the applications key,
you can access the suggestions and use the correct spelling.

3.       This suggestion would really be an additional effort, but you can
try; if you are using webmail, may be, draft your email using Word Processor
and run the spell check, then copy the same and paste to your compose box in
web mail.

Hope this would be of help to someone. No offense please.

Best regards,

Srinivasu Chakravarthula
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