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> Dear All,
> Please forgive the multi-list posting. This is just a short notice to let
> you know that I'd like to start to consider closing the Book of Condolence
> setup in memory of Torsten Brand, creator of Nuance Talks, in a few weeks
> from now.
> After which point it will still be possible to sign the book online, but
> entries after this time will not be printed into the official copy which 
> is
> to be handed to Torsten's family in Germany shortly thereafter.
> Additionally, the Memorial Fund which we have setup to collect donations
> from those wishing to donate will be closed at the same time, with funds
> being passed to Torsten's family alongside the Book of Condolence.
> Unfortunately it will not be possible to donate after the Memorial Fund is
> closed.
> I am delighted with the responses thus far, and many of you have entered
> both kind and heartfelt messages. May I ask two things of you all, firstly
> if you have signed, please check that your entry is present as sometimes
> these things do go wrong. Secondly, please pass this message on to any 
> list
> to which it has not yet been posted to which you are a member, obviously
> blind product / service related.
> Many of us have benefited from Torsten's work, either directly through use
> of Nuance Talks, or through the innovations which challenged that product.
> It is our hope that we can show our mutual appreciation for this pioneer 
> of
> our community through our expressions within our individual dedications.
> If your entry does not appear on the pages of the book you may try either
> again to make your entry, please do check though after to make sure it
> worked. Or, send your name, country and message to; service at talknav.com 
> with
> the subject line, Book of Condolence.
> Many thanks to you all
> Twitter: @neilbarnfather
> Neil Barnfather
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