[AI] Care for spellings in postings - a request

Srinivasu Chakravarthula srinivasu at srinivasu.org
Sun Jun 20 10:42:54 EDT 2010

Dear all,


Off late, there are several emails with lot of spelling and grammar
mistakes. I do understand some of you may not got opportunity to study in
English medium school and I'm one of them and that would be one of the
possible reasons for spelling mistakes in emails and I don't mistake any of


At the same time, please understand that postings of Access India are
archived and easily available for people to come across the content through
search engines and useful information posted by you would not come up in the
search engines unless your content matches to the spelling that a researcher
is looking for. So it would be a biggest disadvantage for us, if our content
do not have correct spellings and grammar. 


To make your postings better, may I please suggest a couple of things,
although I am aware, this would be a little more additional effort:

1.       If you are using Microsoft Outlook / outlook express, be sure to do
a spell check by pressing F7 (not sure for outlook express)

2.       If you compose emails using webmail and use Mozilla Firefox, most
often it notify you about spelling errors and by using the applications key,
you can access the suggestions and use the correct spelling.

3.       This suggestion would really be an additional effort, but you can
try; if you are using webmail, may be, draft your email using Word Processor
and run the spell check, then copy the same and paste to your compose box in
web mail. 


Hope this would be of help to someone. No offense please. 


Best regards,


Srinivasu Chakravarthula
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