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gautam gtm.agrawal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 06:22:30 EDT 2010



All legal experts and strong advocates for the rights of PWD on this list
such as Subhashchandra Vasist, Rajesh Asudani, Deependar Manocha, Harish
koshan, and many others,


As you all may be aware that NFB, Karnataka is in process to persuade the
state government through all possible means of advocacy and lobbing for
effective implementation of its legal and moral obligations.  Particularly
for due implementation of scheme of job reservation in term of PWD act, but
here I have number of questions and quarries to understand the legal
provisions related to the   job reservation in public employment in their
real spirit.   I am therefore looking for your permission to put forward to
all of you either on or of the list for due clarification.   Positive
response to this request shall be appreciated. 


Gautam Prakash Agarwal


NFB, Karnataka


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