[AI] Be Sensitive to Blind People, Bombay High Court Tells Govt

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Fri Jun 18 04:25:40 EDT 2010

Be sensitive to blind people, Bombay high court tells govt
Hetal Vyas / DNA
Friday, June 18, 2010 0:56 IST
Maharashtra government's attitude treating persons with total and 
partial blindness
'uniformly' while considering them for jobs under the physically 
challenged quota
has not gone down well with the Bombay high court.

A division bench of acting chief justice JN Patel and justice SC 
Dharmadhikari on
Thursday observed: "The authorities need to be careful and sensitive 
towards these
people. These people are not beggars, they can perform if given an 
The court was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by 
Harshad Jadhav,
a blind man seeking directives to the state government to implement 
the provisions
of Disabilities Act, 1995, and provide jobs to the physically 
challenged people in
government bodies.
Chief secretary JP Dange, in an affidavit submitted in the court, 
stated that the
government is following the recommendations of an expert committee, 
as per the provisions
of the act. "Therefore, the recommendations are binding and the state 
has no authority
to overrule them," said the affidavit.
Dange also justified state's stand on treating the totally blind and 
those with low
vision uniformly. "If the number of persons from totally blind 
category find it difficult
to get selected, the state can hardly do anything in this regard," 
said his affidavit.
The judges particularly expressed displeasure about this statement, 
observing that
such an attitude will make the totally blind compete with either with 
the partially
blind or those with poor vision.


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