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Dear access Indian friends ,

                                                I want to put some issues in front of access India since my English is not very good so I want to request to correct the language to very intelligent access Indians which also have knowledge of legal matters such as Rajesh Aasdhani, Kanchan Pamnani, S.C. Vashishtha, Deependra Manucha, Harish Kaution and many others. I am writing below some points namely Case No. 1 , Case No. 2 and so on and I want to put these points on PWD ACT blog.  please do correction in any grametical or legal mistake and help me to say my problems more clearly . 

Please remember that these points namely case no 3 and 4.... all these points are related to my experience of my life till today  


I have put 2 cases 2 days ago and To day I am putting 3 more cases before accessindia for correction in language and grammer 

Case No. 3:- Just like as Case No. 1 and Case No. 2 it is also a policy matter and every blind teacher faces this problems in his duty that blind teacher could not do correction of note books and evaluation /marking of answer sheets of unit test papers / Quaterly / six monthly / semesters exams at the college level a blind lecturer may not be encounter with this problem because there is not direct responsibility of lecturers that he will have to evaluate the answer sheet and in addition of this there is a provision of some allowance for blind lecturers by UGC and It is probably Rs. 20000 per annum . Hence a blind lecturers can appoint a scribe to do his work of copies evaluation at his own cost But there is no provision or such type of allowance for blind school teacher and a blind school teacher is only depend on kindness of Head master or Principal and If they are soft natured person then they do some kindness otherwise some insulting condition may arise in front of blind teacher .

                                                                                                                                                Hence I think a blind school teacher must be given any alternative work in place of copy correction such as some oral work as to take periods of other  teachers  and there must be any clear rule or instructions for school administration that who check the copies of subject of blind teacher. 


Case No. 4:- The fourth point is also related with the matter of scribe who has being provided to blind candidates at the time of appearing in recruitment exams .

                                                                                                                Here , I want to give my example , my subject on post graduate level is mathematics and I need of such a scribe who should be acquainted  with the symbols and signs of higher mathematics . But according to the High Court of Maharashtra that blind candidate should be provided a scribe having qualification of one grade below and scribe should not belong the same discipline.

                                                                Here, I want to ask one question if a scribe belongs to the disciple of   biology or of arts then he can acquainted with symbol of mathematics? And this problem has givenme many times the result of exam in face of failure . so my request is that scribe should belongs to same discipline .

Case No. 5:- Many people assume that a blind candidate could not teach Mathematics . But it is not true So, I want such a rule which identifies mathematics as a subject for which a blind teacher can be appointed.

 I request to my friends to comment on these matters of policies 

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