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Additionally, the Air India website has only this page which has some advice
for Blind passengers travelling on International flight. I am copying the
page hereitself, lest you get lost in the inaccessible website of AirIndia:


The  following instructions pertain to medical clearance and fitness to fly.
Kindly complete all details of MEDIF (Medical Information Form) while making
your booking. Most people with existing medical conditions are able to fly
on a commercial aircraft without difficulty. However on flight the cabin air
is pressurized and precautions are sometimes needed if you have a
respiratory or heart problem.

 Medical clearance is required if

   - Fitness to travel is in doubt as a result of recent illness,
   hospitalization, injury or surgery.
   - You have an existing unstable medical condition.
   - Special services such as oxygen or the use of medical equipment onboard
   is needed.
   - You are traveling for medical reasons or treatment

 It is recommended that you check any vaccination requirements at least six
weeks prior to your departure and carry adequate travel insurance to cover
any medical costs incurred abroad. Most medical cases are straightforward,
but others require individual assessment. In some cases, you may be asked to
travel with a medical escort or with supplementary oxygen. Your fitness to
fly is based on internationally accepted criteria, the aim being to ensure
that you have a safe, comfortable and uneventful journey.

 Medical Clearance Unit

If you have a condition that may affect you in-flight, please contact the
nearest Air India office directly or your travel agent, for assistance in
obtaining the required Medical clearance. Medical clearance is only
considered upon receipt of the Medical information (MEDIF) forms.

 Cabin pressure

*Passengers Requiring Medical Attention:*

The cabin air pressure could cause a drop in oxygen in the blood. This is
not a problem for most people, but a passenger with respiratory problems
(such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease (COPD)) may need to book supplementary oxygen. A request for the
same needs to be made at the time of booking your flight. Post operative
care Flying after an operation or a serious illness can be stressful. It is
wise not to travel if you don't feel up to it.

 Post operative care

Flying after an operation or a serious illness can be stressful. It is wise
not to travel if you don't feel up to it.

 Traveling with medicines or medical equipment

   - It is advisable to carry the medication you may need during the flight
   in your hand baggage with the prescription.
   - Medication cannot be refrigerated on board. If medicines need to be
   kept cool, a cool bag or vacuum flask may be appropriate. Kindly discuss
   options with your pharmacist.
   - If traveling with medical equipment please advise Air India in advance,
   as clearance will depend on the type of equipment.
   - Medical clearance is required for the use of most medical equipment
   including nebulizers (used in some cases of asthma) and ventilators.
   - Equipment must be capable of being battery operated as it is not
   possible to guarantee power supply on-board our aircraft.
   - In normal circumstances, medical equipment which has been authorized
   can be used on board except during taxi, take off, approach and landing.


Battery operated nebulizers can be used in-flight with the exception of
during takeoff and landing.

 On Board Seating

Safety regulations stipulate that passengers with additional needs should
not be seated at emergency exits or in cross aisles that form part of
emergency exit routes. Seats most suitable to the passenger’s needs will be

 Seeing –Eye dog/Passengers with impaired vision

Seeing eye dogs may be carried free of charge if the dog is trained to lead
the blind passenger or a passenger with impaired vision and dependant on
such dog or the passenger has impaired hearing and is dependent on the dog,
provided this is medically established or supported. The dog if properly
harnessed and muzzled, may be permitted to be carried in the cabin but
cannot occupy a seat.

An advance request must be made at the time of booking. A meet and assist
service can be provided, if assistance is required at departure and on
arrival. If you are not capable of taking care of all your physical needs
independently on board, we request you to travel with a companion who can
assist you.

The airline will not be responsible for providing on board assistance which
may contravene health, safety or hygiene requirements.

All individual country regulations for carriage of a dog must be met with.

 Wheel Chair Request

In keeping with the requirement of Air Safety, carriage of passengers
requiring wheelchairs assistance has to be restricted on our flights. Please
ensure that your request for wheelchair is made at the time of booking and
confirmed before you travel with Air India, to enable us provide the
required assistance throughout your journey.

Assistance at the Airport and In-flight Wheelchairs and buggies (at some
Airports) are provided at the airport. All passengers with their wheelchair
request confirmed, will be assisted.

 Traveling with your own wheelchair

   - We can usually arrange to carry your wheelchair or mobility aid on your
   flight. Please advise us of your requirement at the time of booking.
   - If space is available, we will store collapsible wheelchairs and
   mobility aids in the aircraft cabin. If we cannot do so, due to weight or
   size, they will be carried in the hold.
   - One mobility aid e.g. a wheelchair will be carried free of charge in
   addition to the applicable checked baggage allowance.
   - Special permission must be requested when bookings are made for
   mobility aids over 30kg because of weight and space restrictions.
   - If you have a battery-powered wheelchair, you need to take certain
   safeguards before you travel. Please ask for details when you contact us.
   - At some airports we may have to check wheelchairs or mobility aids into
   the aircraft hold and give them back to you in the arrival baggage hall of
   your destination airport, in which case we will transport you from check in
   to the aircraft in another wheelchair and on arrival, from the aircraft to
   the baggage hall

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