[AI] replying to making html document

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 11:45:41 EDT 2010

Hello anuj!
as you have tell about that you have paste text in to notepad and save an extension name .htm. I can say that if you don't mine, you are 40% right. because to write an effective HTMl document in notepad, you have to know some code or HTML language. if you can contact me, I can provide you a not complete, but basic HTML language book. that is HOW to make heading, how to make links and etc. if you want to learn complete code, VB code, JAVA code etc, please visit on www.w3schools.com.

but instead of notepad, you can also make HTML document from the microsoft word. one of the good thing to make such document in microsoft word, you don't need to learn HTML language. and one of the application, found on the office xp, is frontpage. from here you can make complete webpage but remember! that i also using frontpage with JAWS 9.0, but I am not sure, my JAWS is not speaking correctly. some time it failt to read Heading. one of the bad thing that JAWS is completely deaf, when i begin to work with frame. 

so take care!

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