[AI] about installing the dropbox.

umarluhar umarluhar05 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 13:32:10 EDT 2010

hai friends i had downloaded the dropbox setup , I tryed to install,it asks for E mail id and passwords, I had entered the same. it says that this  E mail ID has been taken.
but there is a dropbox submenu in my programme submenu. when I go to dropbox submenu. there are three items 1dropbox 2dropbox website and 3uninstall dropbox.
I had gone to dropbox but there also it asks for email and password.
there is a check box too.
and a pannel also.
so I request to our experts those who are using dropbox, please help me.
if any one of you is ready to help me online, I shall call him, my phone numbers are as follows: 09687362272. 
please give me a misscall and i shall call. 
waiting for your reply 

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