[AI] replying to query regarding JAWS

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 10:36:44 EDT 2010

Hello    shwasti!

I am raju singh, replying you that how to slip mode to specific programme?

open the programme, which you want to have JAWS slipmode.

press insert+f2 to run JAWS manager.

press C for configuration manager.

press alt+s to open set option menu. Here,

press up arrow, until you hear advance option..., finally press enter. now, press space bar to check slip mode enable.

and tab to OK button. press ctrl+s to save your changes. and press alt+f4 to close configuration manager. . and sea, what happens. now when ever you open your particular programme, JAWS will be in a sleep mode.

you don't have to worry about it because when you close your programme, JAWS will automatically begin to speak.

I think, I have given your answer.

thank you.


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