[AI] Request to suggest most important general books in order to make available in braille

gautam gtm.agrawal at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 08:26:47 EDT 2010


All access Indian friends particularly those who belong to Karnataka, 

I take this opportunity to inform you that NFB, Karnataka has made a plan to
make available at least 100 general books of various interest in kannada
Braille with the financial support of public and private sector.   As per
the plan all these books shall be made available to the interested Braille
readers at highly subsidized and affordable price in as same way as the
books of Hindi and English are available from various sources.   Here you
all are requested to suggest some most needed general readings   of kannada
language related to the subjects  such as the religion, health, science,
law, disability issues, study support, literature, economics, general
knowledge, public administration and utility services, etc.    


The common choices  received  from  all  of  you  shall  be  given  top


It would be more helpful for us in selection if you could manage to mean the
kannada title in English also.  


Your active and positive participation in selection of books shall  help
the federation  to get best 100 books of kannada language in Braille and
make available to all of you.  


Suggestion can also  be sent directly to the federation at
nfbkarnataka at gmail.com 


With regards,


Gautam prakash Agarwal


NFB, Karnataka



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