[AI] Mobile related queries

Adhimoolam Vetrivel Murugan vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 16:41:14 EDT 2010

That's true, but I also understand moderator's frestration. The list
is increasingly being bombarded with general questions like: Which
phones work with talks? There are so many sites to answer such general
questions and talks official site is certainly one of those.
Henceforth I would like to encourage users to do a bit of research
before firing questions to the access India forum.


On 14/06/2010, Ashwani Jassal <ashwanijassal at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mobile phones are an integral part of everybody's life in general and blind
> in particular. As most of us are depending upon latest technology to make
> our life easier then why should prohibition of this kind of topic in the
> list especially created for blind people to share topics and problems
> related to their life is being initiated? Didn't understand!

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