[AI] Invite for Retina India Delhi Chapter meeting on June 19th, 2010

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Mon Jun 14 07:45:28 EDT 2010

Dear friends,


Greetings from Retina India.



Retina India Delhi invites people for its formal chapter meeting on 19th
June 2010 starting at 3 p m at DU-

NTPC Training Centre, Tutorial building , Arts Faculty building , University
of Delhi, Delhi - 7. 


This Arts Faculty Gate is opposite the Shri Ram College of Commerce gate,
take a left inside the gate, and you will see this building as DU-NTPC
Training Centre.  


We have two speakers addressing the audience, Dr Manisha Aggarwal will
present on 'Diagnosed with RP - there is still a ray of hope' 


Ms Sachu Ramalingam, Gen Secy AICB and famous Counsellor, will address on
'Optimising Functional Vision and balancing of Work and Life, folowed by Q &


Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting, including people with retinal
ailments, their family members, volunteers who are working in the field of
disability, or who wish to work in the field. People with other eye problems
are also welcome to attend, since some of the projects that Retina India
will undertake, working alongside other organizations in the field, will be
of help to them too.

 We will welcome the attendees' suggestions of what they expect from Retina
India, what would they want the organization to do in the short term as well
as in the long term.

If you wish to know more, you can contact 

Retina India Delhi Coordinator, 

Ms Sudamani, at 99100 71897 or 

Mr Narendra Gautham at 9873252616. 


To reach the venue, if you are taking the metro, you can get down at Vishva
Vidyalaya Stn and this bldg is abt 1 km distance from the metro station. If
it is a bus, get down at Vishva Vidyalaya bus station, again abt 1 km

Thank you.



Vamshi G

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