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The Chindia Syndrome
Indian Environment Minster Jairam Ramesh  and his little local difficulty on  a recent China trip  has tended to obscure the larger issues at stake in the whole business of  global business sourcing.  For suggesting that India's policy with regard to the import of telecom  technology from China may be alarmist or  overly defensive, he has been rapped on the knuckles- particularly since that policy  was none of his business - ministerially speaking. 
But  in a sense, Ramesh is   exactly the right guy to  look at the whole  China-India thing with the discerning eye of an expert.  Why? Because long before the rest of  the world  woke up  to the complementary economic and geopolitical interests of the two Asian giants, he had encapsulated the idea, elegantly, in a portmanteau word of his own coining: Chindia.   Now everyone uses it.
US-based Indian business guru Jagdish Seth  dedicates his seminal  2008 book "Chindia Rising: How  China and India will benefit your business" 'to Jairam Ramesh who coined Chindia'.  Wikipedia  also attributes the term to Ramesh and explains  why Chindia is an idea whose  time has  come: "China and India are geographically proximate...  both among the fastest growing major economies in the world. Together, they contain about one-third of the world\'s population. The economic strengths of these two countries are considered complementary - China is perceived to be strong in manufacturing and infrastructure while India is perceived to be strong in services and information technology. China is stronger in hardware while India is stronger in software...."
As regards India's telecom  policies,  the response to  China has been - to  put it mildly - unprofessional. When the media   reported Canadian researchers' findings that non-official hackers based on Chinese soil,  had hacked into  the web resources of a number of sensitive Indian  departments, the  knee jerk reaction one got, was a quick denial that anything serious had  happened. In fact the bizarre responses included an unattributed statement to the effect that ' we knew they were hacking us, so we fed them a lot of rubbish!"
However, the  cyber attacks  must have been taken seriously somewhere in government - because it   put a blanket hold on    all pending proposals by both public and private telecom providers, for import of equipment from Chinese companies.  There was widespread criticism   that such selective treatment of a  few suppliers, did not make techno-commercial sense - in an era  where no one can ever be sure  of  the precise origin of every sub system  in complex electronic systems.   Merely because you sourced your stuff from an outfit in Europe or the US,  it  did not ensure, that they in turn, did  not subcontract  some of their hardware to - say China - the world's biggest, cheapest, manufacturing resource.
So now, they have announced solution that could only have come from the great thinkers in Delhi's government corridors: the importers must "certify" that the equipment they are importing  are  secure and spyware-free.  Since most  Indian telecom providers   just  don't have the  technical expertise to put hand on heart and certify any such thing, they are allowed to  attach certificates from international agencies  who are qualified to sniff out  any spyware lurking in the software.
One is taken aback by the breathtaking naïveté of such a solution: You suspect one foreign outfit  of  nobbling the systems it supplies. So you ask another foreign agency to  certify:  " all is  squeaky clean, go  forth and buy". 
This is a harsh world   where there are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent   national interests - all of them selfish. If we suspect any company from any country is sneaking spies into our communication systems, the answer is  for Indians to  check such supplies and ensure they are clean. We boast of our huge scientific establishment; of our global leadership in software - and we don't have the brains competent enough to  audit the software that Indian companies buy?  Let's face it, China is going to remain  the most attractive supplier of all such  telecom/computer/electronic technology for some time to come. And India is slated to be the biggest buyer. This is the real Chindia syndrome.
There is an old latin phrase:  caveat emptor: buyer beware.  It remains true whether you  are a housewife in  the local mandi  or market, feeling up a  ripe tomato, to see if it is rotten - or a telecom giant flashing a purchase order for a million dollars.  If you don't understand what you are buying, don't buy it.  Touching trust in the seller  -- or for that matter   in a 'certificate' from an 'expert' - is  the fool's way... and   the average home maker it  knows, even  if our telecom  babus don't.
The  trillion rupee leap into broadband era
Broadband wireless auctions  point to both WiMAX, LTE on the ground in India.
BPO 2.0: The push to rural India has started,  say key players at NASSCOM summit
We bring you all the numbers
Let's do IT now! Hyderabad Action Plan signposts global roadmap for telecom and Infocomm development
The ITU World Telecommunication Development Conferenceadopted the Hyderabad Action Plan at the end of 10 days of deliberation, outlining a road map to foster the global development of information and communication technology (ICT) networks and services over the next four years.
NEC brings its biometrics technology to Bangalore
The Biometrics Excellence Centre (N-BEC) in Bangalore will cater to the company's global chain engaged in development, deployment and support of identity solutions for the international market.
Infosys honoured:
India's flag-bearing infotech company, Infosys is one of 25 individuals or companies honoured as a pioneer of the dot com era alongside iconic names like Apple, Google, Twitter and Microsoft. 
The India end of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), a neutral forum of customers and suppliers of IT application software is being inaugurated in Bangalore
Offbeat, upbeat: Doing it like Gandhari! Delegates at a NASSCOM Foundation seminar on Addressing Diversity blind folded themselves to understand how the visually challenged had it.
Philips Innovation in India: new leadership  http://www.indiatechonline.com/viewimage.php?id=143
Take your datya centre with you!
Elliptical Mobile Solutions teams with Delhi-based Grassroots Channels, to bring its micro-modular climate controlled, self-propelled electronic racks to India.
Two Indian   service providers launch into the Cloud
SIFY launches on-demand cloud services with HP infrastructure to provide demand based computing services on a pay per use or flexible contract model
NetMagic Cloud 2.0 enables online provisioning, management and pay-as-you-use model for IT Infrastructure via the web, anytime, anyplace. http://www.indiatechonline.com/netmagic-cloud-2.0-service-140.php
Smart move! 
Independent French software provider and software testing industry leader,Smartesting has announced India availability of  a  new version -- 4.0- of its flagship product, Test Designer. 
Adobe previews new features of CreativeSuite5 for Indian techies
Mobile USB scanners are here!
They  draw power through USB, work independently and fit in your hand
Nokia 900: phone that thinks it is a computer
Is it a phone? Is it a computer? Nokia has erased the difference. 
3 tough Olympus digicams for extreme sports freaks
If your photography takes you into the harsh environments of extreme cold, desert-like dust, watery wastes-- or if you are just a habitual camera dropper -- you might consider one these new stainless steel -encased babies. 
Go for it, girls! Kareena Kapoor shows off Sony's  vivid new Vaio laptop range for the fashion conscious
Indian BPO industry key numbers from NASSCOM and all the other key numbers about  the IT industry:
Communicasia 2010 
Singapore June 15-18
The  leading IT event in  Asia
Held in conjunction with BroadcastAsia 2010 www.broadcast-asia.com  and EnterpriseIT2010, http://www.goto-enterpriseit.com/
Advances and Emerging Trends in Computing Technologies
Chennai June 21-24 2010
SRM University Chennai
Seminar on Software Test Automation
 Bangalore June26, 2010 
Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter premises. Contact : csibc at dataone.in
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Conference on Digital Media
"The Digital Revolution: Managing Media & Entertainment Business in Digital Era"
Mumbai ,July 5 2010: Hotel Taj Mahal, 
VAS Asia 2010
New Delhi July 9, Le Meridien
8th International Conference and exhibition focussing on mobile value added services
ESC Embedded Systems Conference
Bangalore July 21-23 
India's Largest Conference and Expo on Embedded Systems 
In-depth Innovative content

mBillionth South Asia Congress & Awards 2010
New Delhi, July 23, 
Digital Empowerment Foundation and Dept of IT, Govt of India
Celebrating South Asia's best in mobile content, services
LTE Asia 2010
Hong Kong September  7 - 8, 2010, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, 
LTE Asia 2010 will be the 5th annual event for the region focusing specifically on LTE . All the major and regional operators will be in attendance along with  analysts, press and other media 
World Computer Congress
Australia Sep 20-23, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, 
( with)
South East Asia Regional Computer Federation Computer Conference ( SEARCC)
Are you organising an upcoming conference or trade show in the Middle East/Asia/Pac region   that will interest the Indian infotech community? Send us the details in a mail to feedback at indiatechonline.com  with Event Watch  in the subject line and we will be happy to feature it in this section.
FIFA for free -- virtually
Not every app at iTunes is priced. We bring you news of three free to download football games 
Penalty Soccer Free- Bakumens 
If you like football and are a football enthusiast, Penalty Soccer will be your top choice! Penalty Soccer will bring you a brand new experience! Excellent 3D graphics and a real sense of presence will immerse you into the atmosphere of Penalty Pick ! http://itunes.apple.com/in/app/penalty-soccer-free/id366401924?mt=8
Nike Football+  Nike, Inc. one your footballing skills with the Nike Football+ training programmes and raise your game by completing challenges.
iFooty - Jeremy Debate 
A must-have for any fan of the beautiful game. NOW WITH FULL COVERAGE OF WORLD CUP 2010! http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ifooty/id287645337?mt=8# <http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ifooty/id287645337?mt=8> 
Statistics for the soccer savvy: Business Intelligence software leader QlikTech, has created a free application that allows fans unparalleled access to statistics about the upcoming international soccer tournament. With this new app, available online or through any mobile device, soccer enthusiasts can click through nearly 80 years of international tournament history to analyze historical facts and answer little-known trivia questions. 
'Qlik It & Kick It' leverages data provided by Infostrada Sports and will be updated with real time data from the games every 60 minutes, June 11 - July 11. To download the 'Qlik It & Kick It - World Football Fan App' visit:http://www.qlikview.com/kickitandqlikit 
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