[AI] Invitation to Voice Vision Meeting

Sameer salatey at gawab.com
Sat Jun 12 14:41:20 EDT 2010

Hey guys!

Voice Vision is a computer training institute for the visually impaired 
located in Mumbai.

Recently they have launched their new website,


 which provides information on anything and everything related to the 
visually impaired. You can also join their community on Facebook by clicking 


Or follow them on Twitter,


They conduct monthly sessions and workshops based on topics related to the 
visually impaired community. The topic of their 26th June 2010 session is, 

skills at an individual and social level. It will be conducted by Mr. K. 
Ramkrishna from NAB, India.

You can contact them on

contact at voicevision.in.

So guys, go ahead and post your links, host vital discussions and express 
yourselves, just as you do on this space and tickle the brains of other 


Mr. Sameer Latey,
Mumbai, India 

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