[AI] Problem with VB6.

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 11:36:25 EDT 2010

Hello sir!

I am raju singh, sending you an another problem that 

recently, I have subscribe inclusiveplanet.com, and I download the book about the details of VB6. (writen by Pratic agrawal sir) and by reading this book, I am practicing the exercise of that book on my house at almost time. because our summer vacation is running, therefore its nice time to practice I thought. Hence first of all, I want to know that at first, this book's excercise was "hello world!" I found that at first , we have to draw a rectangle. sir! can you tell me about that can we draw itselve? if so, then what are the keystrokes? because specially, I don't have an idea about how to use mouse. yes, i have a full knowledge of Jaws cursor, that is mouse cursor.  therefore, I want to know that can I need a sighted assistance to do task? I have go through JAWS help, because YouKnow, JAWS is my favorite screen reader. in this time, JAWS saying that most of the VB is dawn by Macros sub menu. therefore I am still weighting thy reply.

your sincerely friend.
Raju singh.

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