[AI] reply about guidance neded

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 04:50:31 EDT 2010

hello Suresh! 

I am raju singh, sending you a message, replying you that in the E-male you tell about hardware configuration, but you did not tell about How much MB/GB of RAM, or How much GB of Hard disk you have. therefore I cannot give you perfect idea.

but according to my Idea, you should not install more then one version of MS office, because if you installed one or more office, confliction will takes place. for example, the shortcut of Microsoft word is WinWord in both version (2003 2007) therefore, according to my suggestion, you have to remove any one version of office from your computer. since my suggestion is that office 2003 is more accessible for the visually handicapped. yes, you can install more then two different version of JAWS, but to run properly, you have  enough memory of RAM. after installing window, go to hard drive, (local disc C), go to Tools, tab through defragmenter hard disk, and defragment it. you have to weight for some time, to complete the prosedure. therefore, be patient.

next tricks. if you want to increase your memory of RAM, or more free on RAM, go to run...
(windows+R) type %tmp% and press enter. here select all by pressing ctrl+a, and press shift+delete to bypass the recycle been. 

go to run..., type Prefetch, and press enter. here select all, (ctrl+a) and shift+delete. 

go to hard drive, press alt+enter, tab through the disc clean up. after a few time, tab through more, and press on system restore clean-up. 

I think this will help you.

thank you!

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