[AI] Moderator: Fwd: plz tell

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 14:09:37 EDT 2010

Dear friends, With due respect to moderatorial views, I extend an open invitation to all music loveing friends  to contact respected Principal Amrit Pal Singh or myself off the list for their queries about true and meaningful music. Hopefully we shall be able to satisfy them. Please find our contact details at the end of this message.
     In the same way, I would also request some sports-loving friends to come forward and take the responsibility to answer the queries regarding sports.
      And, before I conclude, quoting our dear Moderator, let's use "Gentle Men's language" on the list. It always pays to be polite and gentle.
With warm regards,
       Sincerely yours, Yogesh Sharma.
E mail: yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Principal Amrit Pal Singh's ID: amritpal22 at gmail.com

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