[AI] confusing about future:

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 12:17:24 EDT 2010

Hello sir!

I am raju singh. and I want to know the following courses.

sir, can any blind do BCA degree? if not then which degree is applicable for us? sir, I request so, because I am a computer lover, and want to go further with computer. yes, I have a full knowledge of basic and multi media course like word, excel, excess, powerpoint, web page designing, etc. but, I want to go further on computer field. I have ask about visual basic to number of sighted person,but according to there openion, visual basic is not accessable for blind person, but I red in the JAWS help topic, all the keystrokes, and some helpfull hints for visual basic has been given. therefore I am so confusing, that what to do further, yes, I am studying In b.a first year, but computer is my special corriculum. therefor I want to go further. I don't know, but after the complesion of my graduation, I want to do MCA degree. but I don't know about the fact that blind can do MCA or not. therefore I am still weighting your reply that please suggest for me about the courses that living basic course, what further can blind do? 

lastly I like to conclude the message by saying that please reply without hasitation.

sincerely.  yours.  Raju singh.

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