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To put it lightly, every company has go to market strategy --and every
visually challenged person must have a "go to market" strategy as well.
Easiest way is to learn to use the cane and learn to do things
independently, though you may occasionally have discomforts about it.
Let fear not stop your urge to do things yourself. This will lift your


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Hi friend! 

I am raju Singh again sending you a big problem.

my big problem is that I am unable to go in market. or any other new
place, due to the fact that I can not use my stick. yes, ofcourse, that
I have stick, but I have no idea about How to use stick In front of me.
friend, When I was small, I use vehicle to go to school. Now I am 19th
years old. and I am in college be.a first year. and I also using vehicle
to go to college, and come again. therefore, I am facing a big problem
that due to my great wickness of me that I need sighted person to walk,
I had to loose so many opportunities and many works. 

therefore I am very grateful to all of you that Please guide me by
replying the few questions that is there any rools to use stick? or How
to use stick in a systematically to walk. 

Therefore friends, I am weighting your response.

Thank you!
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