[AI] Stape by Stape using scanner:

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 05:46:29 EDT 2010

Hello Namita, this is Raju singh, replying you a message specially to you that if you use HP scanner, or any other scanner, scanner should be properly installed. after that, one of the software, KURZWEIL 1000 is YouKnow, the best software for the blind, otherwise visually Handicapped, which enables us to read any printed material Written in the English. if you have kurzweil 1000 software running on your computer, go to "settings" "scanning" and then finally "the selected scanner is". Here you have to press up/down arrow to select scanner. if you have multiple scan installed on your computer, select one scanner and then press "enter". now while holding "0" from your nomad  key, press "-" on your nomad key, until kurzweil says "setting keypad.". then release your "0" key. now you only have to press "-" button from your nomad key to save your changes. remember that all this procedure needs your scanner in the running stage. if scanner is nut open, kurzweil1000 is not be able to detect your scanner source, hence "the selected scanner" will not be shown in the settings menu.
I think this tricks will helpful for you.

If any other querie related to computer, let me know. 

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