[AI] problem with Walking

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 02:17:36 EDT 2010

Hi friend! 

I am raju Singh again sending you a big problem.

my big problem is that I am unable to go in market. or any other new place, due to the fact that I can not use my stick. yes, ofcourse, that I have stick, but I have no idea about How to use stick In front of me. friend, When I was small, I use vehicle to go to school. Now I am 19th years old. and I am in college be.a first year. and I also using vehicle to go to college, and come again. therefore, I am facing a big problem that due to my great wickness of me that I need sighted person to walk, I had to loose so many opportunities and many works. 

therefore I am very grateful to all of you that Please guide me by replying the few questions that is there any rools to use stick? or How to use stick in a systematically to walk. 

Therefore friends, I am weighting your response.

Thank you!

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