[AI] he proved nothing is impossible

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 08:09:14 EDT 2010

Dear Geetha and other friends, in my humble opinion, being self-confident and over-confident are two different things. Trying to prove that despite all our limitations, we can still perform a task as good as our sighted counter-parts signifies our self-confidence, and not over-confidence. If we succeed in proving it, it is an achievement! and even if  we are not able to prove it, it still does not diminish the dignity of our effort. Trying and not succeeding is still better than not trying at all.
    By the way, being a commentator at International level and getting international acclaim for this task really matters a lot, and we too must not try to deny it.
        Sincerely yours, Yogesh Sharma!.

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