[AI] problem in internet 8

Ashwani Jassal ashwanijassal at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 01:16:23 EDT 2010

Hi friends 

I  have another query this time related with internet 8  I am encountering a
problem which is unableing me to browse with this application. When I  open
IE 8  the following message comes. I have done all efforts to get rid of it
but unfortunately nothing happened. Website restore 

Website restore error Page Safety Tools

We were unable to return you to the page you were viewing.

  Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears
that the website continues to have a 


  What you can do:

  Go to your home page

  Try to return to the page you were viewing

  More information

Done Internet | Protected Mode: Off                              100%


So, suggest me please what to do?

Ashwani Jassal 

Assistant Professor department of Political Science 

Shyamlal College(E) University of Delhi


E  Mail:ashwanijassal at slce.in /ashwanijassal at gmail.com 

Skype ID: ashwani.phd 


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