[AI] Specific Command Regarding Messaging And Talks In N 79

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 16:13:57 EDT 2010

Dear Zujar and All Friends, I am also a new user of Nokia N 79. I am using it with Talks 4.11.
       Previously, I have been using Nokia 3230 with Talks 2.5. At that time, as I used to press "select" on the forward option in messaging, and then scrolled down to the text of the message, pressing the hash key on that point would tell me about the length of the message. In other words, by pressing hash, Talks would announce as in to how many parts the message would be divided while being sent. This would give me an idea about the length of the message. But now in N 79, I have not been able to discover any command of this type, which can help me in knowing the length of the message I am trying to send. Could you please suggest some specific command for this purpose? Thanks in advance,
With best regards,
      sincerely yours, Yogesh Sharma

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