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>    /This is all we currently have on this.
> LG's promising concept phone, the
> Loop, was created with the visually impaired in mind. Too often, as
> technology improves, the visually impaired are left behind to use dated
> devices with inferior interfaces. The Loop hopes to remedy the situation.
> The phone itself is entirely unconventional. It has no screen and no dial
> pad. The phone only uses a small wheel to navigate through its menu system
> and a heat-conductive Braille display on its side. The entire device looks
> like a Bluetooth ear piece and has a clip so that it can easily be placed 
> in
> a pocket. It also splits in two, with one piece serving as the base unit 
> and
> the other as a Bluetooth headset.
> The user will be able to identify incoming callers by running their finger
> across the thermal Braille display on the ear piece. To dial a number, a
> digital scroll wheel will be used, which will be supposedly much easier to
> use than a keypad. I assume that there will also be voice navigation 
> present
> in the phone's operating system.
> While this is just a concept for now, it's nice to see a large consumer
> electronics company like LG take an explicit interest in the visually
> impaired community and make an effort to design a usable and 
> technologically
> advanced mobile phone solution.
> More companies should follow suit.
> To read the original article, please go to
> http://www.intomobile.com/2010/05/25/lg-loop-concept-phone-uses-thermal-brai
> lle-display-for-the-visually-impaired.html
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