[AI] dragging and dropping

Raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 03:32:09 EDT 2010

Hello! my name is raju singh.

first of all, i would like to thanks all the team of the Access india, for 
giving such an uportunity to all the thing related to blind person.

this is my first time to send male therefore please respond me.

my problems is,  that, i am totally a blind person, and also a JAWS users. i 
am facing a problem that  how to drag the any item by JAWS Cursor from one 
folder to another folder? or one place to another place? i tried so many 
times by minimising two folders, pressing (insert+CTRL+/) or i also tried 
lucking the jaws cursor by locating to the contains, and then tried to move, 
but the problems that during the movement, JAWS only says, "Selected."

therefore i am requesting kindly that if any body has idea then please send 
me the tricks, also by giving atleast one example to my E-male 
bidhwin at gmail.com please send me.

Thank you! 

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