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Subject:	Accessible Devices Cisco Academy For The Visually Impaired Is Now Accepting Applications
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This is all the information we have about this.

 Are you curious about the hardware inside of your computer? Do you want

 to sharpen your troubleshooting and computer maintenance skills? Perhaps

 you would like to build a computer or home network of your own.

 The Cisco academy for the vision impaired is accepting applicants for

 classes in the second semester of 2010. We Will be offering IT

 Essentials 1, Discovery 1 and Exploration 1 starting the last  week of


 ITE1 is an introduction to PC repair including: Hardware, installing and

 maintaining an operating system, Troubleshooting, portable devices, and

 customer service.

 Discovery 1 is focused on home and small business networking. It is the

 first of four courses that prepare students to take

 the CCNA certification.

 Exploration is a more in depth look at networking, both theoretical and

 practical for those students who wish to really get their hands into

 building and designing networks.

 Each class runs for a total of six  months, with online lectures. The

 classes are self-

 paced so you can finish them in a month, or take the entire semester if

 desired. The cost for each course is $500, however scholarships and

 discounts are available to eligible students.

 Students are required to have good internet access skills and

 be familiar with their screen reader of choice, or be willing to teach

 themselves the necessary skills

 as we go along. Students should be familiar with reading Adobe PDF

 documents, as they may be encountered while doing research projects. We

 do not teach basic computer skills. Course content is online, so a

 broadband internet connection is highly recommended. You will need an

 internet plan with at least 1 Gigabyte of traffic per month for

 completing course work, and downloading recorded lectures if desired.

 Students should also have a

 working headset/microphone and be willing to install skype and Ventrilo,

 in order to attend lectures and communicate with instructors.

 Applications will be accepted until 21 July 2010.

 The Cisco Academy for the Vision impaired enables blind students to

 enter the world of Information technology. We provide Diagram

 descriptions, audio lab recordings, live online lectures by blind and

 vision impaired instructors, and a community of students and instructors

 to network with even after you have graduated our course.

 For more information on any of our courses please email


caviinfo at gmail.com

 You can also check out our new website:




 If you would like more information, or to request  an application,

 please email


caviinfo at gmail.com


 The CAVI Team

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